Its Frog's birthday! And his friends want to surprise him. Would you like to help decorate his house? Bake him a birthday cake together with Pig. Afterwards, you can join Frog & Friends to play some games. Hide and seek, bite-the-cookie, drawing and making jigsaw puzzles.

The very First Frog app is now available as a special introductory offer of € 2,99.

'Frog’s birthday party' is developed by Pavlov.

Frog is celebrating his birthday. The ‘Frog’s Birthday Party’ app invites your toddler to join Frog’s party. They will become one of frog's friends and will be able to decorate his little house with flags and balloons, create lovely drawings or colour pictures.

Especially for Frog and with the help from Pig, they can decorate a cake or choose presents which they can wrap with pretty wrapping paper. After the work is done, they can play hide and seek, bite-the-cookie, or make a jigsaw puzzle.

Frog is the best friend you could wish for. The world of Frog and his friends is pure and heartwarming, radiating a spirit of love, friendship, freedom and safety. Large and difficult subjects are addressed in 'frogs books' and drawn out, in a simple sublime way.

Max Velthuijs – his sympathetic creator- passed away in 2005, but Frog lives on! In his red striped swimming shorts frog explores the world together with his friends Rat, Pig, Hare and Duck, touching the hearts of all ages. The drawings radiate the exact same spirit as the story. No needless word is used, as you will notice when reading the book.

Max Velthuijs (The Hague, 22 May 1923 – The Hague, 25 January 2005), was the youngest child from a family with four children. Both his parents were teachers. In 1962, he started illustrating children’s books. Later, he also started writing them.

In the 80's, he started making picture books and his Frog stories made him famous. They provided him with several prestigious Dutch literary awards. In 2004, he received the Hans Christian Andersen Award, the most important (international) award for children's book authors.

This app is created, developed and published by Pavlov in pleasant cooperation with Rights at Work under license of Telescreen B.V. and is based
upon Frog & Friends, the animation series produced by Telescreen B.V. under license from Rights at Work B.V., licensee of Max Velthuijs Foundation.
Copyright illustrations © 2013 Max Velthuijs Foundation.